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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Got sad news, one of my hamster nda tau knapa ia punya kepala upside down, a bit sad looking at it tadi hopefully ia survive maybe because he got into a fight with those female, tomorrow going to survey for new cage hopefully ada yang murah utk my male hamster.

Update on my female guinea pig the tummy getting bigger mudahan anaknya bnyk jua, tadi cant let them enjoy the green tomorrow maybe if nada pa2, going to give them extra hours to wonder around the grass hehe..

will upload my hamster picture soon and still waiting for my green iguana its been a week dah hopefully anytime soon, cant wait to hold on to it hehe, my cousin bought a bearded dragon which is cool, going to check on it this week..thinking if i should put it on my wishlist maybe after i get myself a ball python hehe.. want those bee ball python

thats all folks, g'day and to hamsterman thanks for selling me your syrian hamster been waiting quality hamster from you hehe..


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